More Mealtime Battles


Many parents with children that are picky eaters are worried about their child's weight and whether they are getting in all the minerals and vitamins that they need to grow and function. Set a target to try and cover all the food groups in one week and not in one day.


Breastdfeeding Myths Busted


Myth 1: You cannot breastfeed if you have small breasts or flat nipples. Fact: Outward appearance of your breasts does not affect a mother's ability to produce and dispense milk to her baby. Breasts of all shapes and sizes can feed a hungry baby.



Learning how to Study


At some point in our children's school careers, they will have to pick up their books and study. After having gone through our own schooling, we might have forgotten that studying is an acquired skill that does not come naturally to children.


Preparing your Child for Big School


Having to make the change from preschool or nursery school to primary school can be a pretty scary prospect to a six year old. Many six year olds become very anxious at the thought of now having to conform to the rules and expectations set by the school.



Getting your Child of the Couch


Many children discover a new activity that put smiles on their faces and give them a better workout than any of their other activities. Zumbatomics get their heart rates up and their feet tapping. It combines urban dance styles with the reggaeton, hip hop and pop dancing. And most of all it is all about fun!


Stop Mosquito Bites

Mosquito repellants

So here are the solutions for of us that cannot bear the itching and scratching that these pesky creatures cause. I suggest natural solutions instead of using brandnames that contain DEET, because the verdict is still out on the long term effects on our children's health and the environment.



Huffing – Your Child can Die


Huffing is a form of inhalation abuse. Children inhale fumes /vapors of all kinds of household products that are readily available in order to achieve a feeling of euphoria. Unfortunately, this seemingly innocent experimentation that so many children take part in, is deadly, but preventable.


Help your Child Adjust to Divorce

Divorce and children

Divorce signals the end of a marriage where former spouses continue on different paths into their separate futures. When there are children born in the marriage, things tend to become a little more complicated. You can become single again, but you will always remain a parent.