Potty Training your Child

26th April 2016 admin 0

Potty training a child is a major milestone for parents and child alike.  Everyone knows that society expects competent members to be able to use […]


Mommy Burnout

22nd April 2016 admin 1

Burnout, I think, is a result of unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves, constant self-criticism if we do not meet those expectations, feelings of not getting acknowledged for what we put into parenting and taking on too many responsibilities because of thinking it will make us better mothers. These negative thoughts leads to a mom being in a constant state of exhaustion physically, mentally and spiritually. It leads to a loss of enthusiasm, energy, idealism, perspective and purpose. We end up where there are too many demands and way too little resources.


Teaching your Child to Listen

19th April 2016 admin 0

We have to teach our children to actively listen, because there is a difference between hearing and listening. Listening leads either to gathering information, understanding or enjoyment. Hearing does not necessarily lead to any action or response.



16th April 2016 admin 0

Most parents cringe when they hear the words ADHD or ADD mentioned in the same sentence as their child’s name.  I did, and did for […]