Getting your Child off the Couch

Do you have to beg your children to go outside and play? Are they always playing on their Nintendo, PSP, Wii, the computer or on their cell phones? Children nowadays are spoilt with their entertainment options – they do not have to lift more than a finger to switch on the TV, or any of the other gadgets available with the promise of hours of fun. I know that when we were younger we could not wait to finish our homework to go outside to swim, jump on the trampoline, kick the ball with friends or just run around chasing the lazy dog.

My children have many activities that are structured to teach them wonderful new skills for instance horse riding, music and ballet. Even though they do enjoy these activities, they have discovered a new activity that put smiles on their faces and give them a better workout than any of their other activities. Zumbatomics get their heart rates up and their feet tapping. Zumbatomics is a unique program for children from the age of 4 to 12. It combines urban dance styles with the reggaeton, hip hop and pop dancing. In no time will they find themselves singing along to Latin American music while they are learning new exciting dance moves. And most of all Zumbatomics is all about fun!

A class starts of with a fun dance that is learned in a follow the leader kind of way. All they have to do is to copy their instructor’s funky moves, which will be age appropriate. After the first dance they learn some new simple steps which will be used in a new dance. After having the opportunity to practice the moves they will be rewarded with the feeling of success when the steps get combined with the music. All the classes end of with a fun game which encourages movement and smiling!

Besides the fun aspect of Zumbatomics, there are many benefits for your child to be involved in this form of exercise:

  • During a Zumbatomics session your child’s heart rate will become elevated and they will burn calories.
  • It is a whole body workout. From the neck and shoulders to their feet. Zumbatomics give children a hip, abdominal, thigh and buttocks workout.
  • Overall flexibility and beautiful posture will improve.
  • Coordination increases. * Your child’s balance will improve.
  • With every class you will notice how your child’s endurance levels increase as they become fitter.
  • Children involved in Zumbatomics have faster reaction times when they participate in other forms of sport.
  • Their confidence and self-esteem improves dramatically.
  • These children sleep better than children who do not take part in similar exercise.
  • They quickly learn to focus and concentrate.
  • Children in a class get the opportunity to socialize and work together in teams.
  • Even though it is fun, the class is disciplined and they have to adhere to that.
  • Zumbatomics increases your child’s bone density and muscle tone.
  • Your child will get the chance to express their emotions through creative movement.
  • There is no form of evaluation that could make a child feel pressured to perform.
  • Children start to feel the music in their bones.

So if you are trying to get your couch potato active without threats, begging and pleading – take him or her to a Zumbatomics class and never look back! Let them join the internationally growing Zumba party!



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