A School Readiness Checklist

21st September 2016 admin 0

A child’s first year in school is extremely important, because it is the first building block for the following 11 years. I believe that it is important that it should be a positive experience.


Understanding the Apgar Score

14th September 2016 admin 0

Your baby receives an Apgar score at one minute and at 5 minutes after birth. This score determines how doctors will treat your baby from that moment on to ensure that he gets the best medical care possible.


Month 3: Milestones

9th September 2016 admin 0

When your baby is three months old, she should be able to:

* Lift her head 45 degrees when she is lying on her stomach.


Month 2: Milestones

7th September 2016 admin 0

Always remember that your baby’s rate of development is normal for your baby – you will cause yourself much distress by constantly comparing your baby to other babies in your friendship group. Remember as well that the skills babies perform from the tummy position can only be mastered if they get the opportunity to practice these skills.


Month 1: Milestones

6th September 2016 admin 0

If we look at what a baby should be able to master within her first month, we should remember that babies develop at different rates and that how quickly a baby reaches her milestones is not an indication of a more intelligent baby. Babies who are born prematurely might reach the milestones later than their counterparts.


Leaving your Baby with a Sitter

2nd September 2016 admin 0

If you do not have the luxury of having grandparents, aunts, uncles or good friends who are willing to baby sit, you might need to make use of a baby sitting service for a much deserved break occasionally. Even if we know and trust the person we are asking to look after your baby, they might not be familiar with baby’s routine and personality. In order to lower your stress levels, boost the baby sitter’s confidence and make baby as comfortable as possible, make sure to address the following issues


How To Help Your Shy Child

26th August 2016 admin 1

Being shy is extremely painful for child and adult alike.  Luckily adults learn how to build their lives around their shyness, while children still need […]

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