Shy child closing eyes

How To Help Your Shy Child

26th Aug 2020 admin 0

Being shy can be extremely difficult for children and adults alike.  Luckily adults learn how to build their lives around their shyness, while children still […]

How much sleep does my child need?

17th Aug 2020 admin 0

Sleep is important to all creatures and all people of all ages. We need sleep to give our bodies much needed rest to prepare for the next day. When we sleep, our brains brain sorts and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems. Without sleep we become cranky, clumsy and not very nice to be around.

Mommy Burnout

22nd Jan 2020 admin 0

Burnout, I think, is a result of unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves, constant self-criticism if we do not meet those expectations, feelings of not getting acknowledged for what we put into parenting and taking on too many responsibilities because of thinking it will make us better mothers. These negative thoughts leads to a mom being in a constant state of exhaustion physically, mentally and spiritually. It leads to a loss of enthusiasm, energy, idealism, perspective and purpose. We end up where there are too many demands and way too little resources.

Understanding the Apgar Score

14th Sep 2017 admin 0

Your baby receives an Apgar score at one minute and at 5 minutes after birth. This score determines how doctors will treat your baby from that moment on to ensure that he gets the best medical care possible.

A School Readiness Checklist

21st Sep 2016 admin 0

A child’s first year in school is extremely important, because it is the first building block for the following 11 years. I believe that it is important that it should be a positive experience.

Month 3: Milestones

9th Sep 2016 admin 0

When your baby is three months old, she should be able to:

* Lift her head 45 degrees when she is lying on her stomach.