The Education our Children Receive

11th March 2016 admin 0

As a parent, do stop and consider how easily we get upset with our children in the house when they interrupt, fight or do not listen to us. This happens at school as well, but with many more children to handle at once.


Childhood Depression

11th March 2016 admin 0

Although we do not often think that children could have depression, we are finding it becoming more prevalent. Children as young as 7 and 8 are committing suicide while we are standing on the side asking ourselves how could we have missed the tell tale signs…


More Mealtime Battles

9th March 2016 admin 0

Many parents with children that are picky eaters are worried about their child’s weight and whether they are getting in all the minerals and vitamins that they need to grow and function. Set a target to try and cover all the food groups in one week and not in one day.


Getting your Child off the Couch

9th March 2016 admin 0

Many children discover a new activity that put smiles on their faces and give them a better workout than any of their other activities. Zumbatomics get their heart rates up and their feet tapping. It combines urban dance styles with the reggaeton, hip hop and pop dancing. And most of all it is all about fun!


Learning how to Study

9th March 2016 admin 0

At some point in our children’s school careers, they will have to pick up their books and study. After having gone through our own schooling, we might have forgotten that studying is an acquired skill that does not come naturally to children.


Children at Play

1st March 2016 admin 0

Children’s work is play. Through every type of play, your child is honing one or the other skill. The description “child’s play” might not be so apt, because while spending time at play, your child is learning how to control and interact with his environment. Play can be challenging emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. Playing evolves over time, becoming more mature as certain skills are acquired.


My Toddler’s Thinking Skills

26th February 2016 admin 0

Try, try and try again – that is the motto of a toddler. During the toddler years, your child learns through trial and error. It helps the toddler that he can now recall things that happened hours or even days earlier. Children begin to understand cause and effect and anticipate consequences. If I drop the toy when I am sitting in a high chair, mommy will bend down and pick it up – again and again…


What my Baby Looks Like After Birth

25th February 2016 admin 0

Contrary to most parents’ descriptions, newborns are not exactly pretty – they have a swollen bluish and reddish face, a broad flat nose, swollen eyelids and ears that seem somewhat misplaced. Sometimes the shape of the face is misshapened due to the long path down the birth channel. The little body is covered in a white substance, vernix caseosa, which protects the baby from infection and dries off in a few days. Some babies are still covered in fine hair, lanugo, which falls out during the first month. Newborns exhibit prominent external sex organs and both sexes’ nipples are swollen due to high amounts of estrogen in the mother’s blood before giving birth.

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