Breastfeeding Myths Busted

1st September 2015 admin 0

Myth 1: You cannot breastfeed if you have small breasts or flat nipples.

Fact: Outward appearance of your breasts does not affect a mother’s ability to produce and dispense milk to her baby. Breasts of all shapes and sizes can feed a hungry baby.


Stop Mosquito Bites

24th August 2015 admin 0

So here are the solutions for of us that cannot bear the itching and scratching that these pesky creatures cause. I suggest natural solutions instead of using brandnames that contain DEET, because the verdict is still out on the long term effects on our children’s health and the environment.


Family Holidays

8th February 2015 admin 0

I have always struggled to find the right accommodation that is up to my meticulous standards. It has become even harder after we added two […]

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