Shy child closing eyes

How To Help Your Shy Child

26th Aug 2020 admin 0

Being shy can be extremely difficult for children and adults alike.  Luckily adults learn how to build their lives around their shyness, while children still […]

How much sleep does my child need?

17th Aug 2020 admin 0

Sleep is important to all creatures and all people of all ages. We need sleep to give our bodies much needed rest to prepare for the next day. When we sleep, our brains brain sorts and stores information, replaces chemicals, and solves problems. Without sleep we become cranky, clumsy and not very nice to be around.

Potty Training your Child

26th Apr 2016 admin 0

Potty training a child is a major milestone for parents and child alike.  Everyone knows that society expects competent members to be able to use […]

The Evolution of Discipline Strategies

26th Jan 2016 admin 0

The methods of disciplining children have changed considerably over the decades. Severe beatings used to be the norm in Ancient Greece, and became common during the nineteenth century in Europe, America and South Africa.

When your child is having nightmares

23rd Jan 2016 admin 0

A nightmare is a scary dream. Round about one out of every four children have a nightmare at least once a week. Nightmares usually occur later in the sleep cycle. You will probably wake up to your child’s calls for help between 4am and 6am. Children often have nightmares after physical or emotional events, when they are feverish or maybe just because he/she has a very active imagination.

When your Child Stutters

20th Oct 2015 admin 0

Many parents become concerned about stuttering when their children are between 2 and 5 years old. Children will often repeat syllables or use speech filters […]