Advantages of Private Schools

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Many parents are faced with making a choice between placing your child in a private school or a public school. The debate is ongoing, but from my point of view there are certain advantages of placing your child in a private school.

Public Schools in the United States

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In the USA children generally start their school career at the age of five or six, depending on when their birthday falls. They start in Grade 1 and continue their schooling until they reach Grade 12.


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Most parents cringe when they hear the words ADHD or ADD mentioned in the same sentence as their child’s name.  I did, and did for […]

The Education our Children Receive

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As a parent, do stop and consider how easily we get upset with our children in the house when they interrupt, fight or do not listen to us. This happens at school as well, but with many more children to handle at once.

Children at Play

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Children’s work is play. Through every type of play, your child is honing one or the other skill. The description “child’s play” might not be so apt, because while spending time at play, your child is learning how to control and interact with his environment. Play can be challenging emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically. Playing evolves over time, becoming more mature as certain skills are acquired.

How to Choose the Right Nursery School for your Child

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It takes time and dedication to match your child with the right nursery school which will meet both your child’s needs and your needs. Researching this decision includes speaking to other parents, looking at the children in the school environment and interviewing the teachers.

How to Deal with Primary School Bullies

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Every child – bully and victim have a right to be at school. The rights of the children do vary though in the sense that all children have a right to be educated and play in a safe environment. They have a right to experience a sense of community within the school, feel a sense of social value and feel that they are being listened to. The bully makes his victim feel small, weak, alone and useless. They do not treat their victims with dignity and respect that they deserve, therefore stripping them completely of their rights.