Childhood Rashes

29th Jun 2016 admin 0

Parents become extremely worried when a rash appears on their little one’s body. It is therefore important that parents can differentiate between the most common rashes and know when it is imperative to visit your doctor.

Rashes can often be attributed to an infection (viral or bacterial), a reaction to medicine taken or an allergic reaction.


16th Apr 2016 admin 0

Most parents cringe when they hear the words ADHD or ADD mentioned in the same sentence as their child’s name.  I did, and did for […]

Childhood Depression

11th Mar 2016 admin 0

Although we do not often think that children could have depression, we are finding it becoming more prevalent. Children as young as 7 and 8 are committing suicide while we are standing on the side asking ourselves how could we have missed the tell tale signs…