Learning how to Study

9th Mar 2016 admin 0

At some point in our children’s school careers, they will have to pick up their books and study. After having gone through our own schooling, we might have forgotten that studying is an acquired skill that does not come naturally to children.

Help your Child Adjust to Divorce

18th Jan 2016 admin 0

Divorce signals the end of a marriage where former spouses continue on different paths into their separate futures. When there are children born in the marriage, things tend to become a little more complicated. You can become single again, but you will always remain a parent.

Children with Pets

13th Jan 2016 admin 1

There are many advantages for a child to own a pet. Having to look after a pet – feeding, grooming and playing with him, teaches a child responsibility. A pet teaches a child how to behave appropriately towards the puppy or kitten and to allow others to also play with it. In other words children learn socially acceptable behavior and tend to share more easily.

How Many Activities are too Many?

23rd Nov 2015 admin 0

As we are ending off the year’s extracurricular activities for our children – we are giving a sigh of relief. We are tired of playing glorified chauffeur and our children are falling over from exhaustion. This year we had to juggle time slots for ballet, piano, softball, netball, drama and horse riding for my two girls. Before committing to some new and some old activities for next year, I decided to rethink how many activities are enough for my children and how many are too many for me.

How to Deal with Back Chatting

15th Nov 2015 admin 0

Back chatting is probably an universal parental irritant. It infuriates parents all over the globe every day. We see it as an undermining of our authority, whilst it is actually an assertion of your child’s independence. Again, a milestone for our child, which feels like it is throwing everything that you achieved disciplinary wise up to now, upside down. You graduate from temper tantrums to only face back chatting soon…

Preparing your Child for Big School

27th Oct 2015 admin 0

Having to make the change from preschool or nursery school to primary school can be a pretty scary prospect to a six year old. Many six year olds become very anxious at the thought of now having to conform to the rules and expectations set by the school.

Breastfeeding Myths Busted

1st Sep 2015 admin 0

Myth 1: You cannot breastfeed if you have small breasts or flat nipples.

Fact: Outward appearance of your breasts does not affect a mother’s ability to produce and dispense milk to her baby. Breasts of all shapes and sizes can feed a hungry baby.

Stop Mosquito Bites

24th Aug 2015 admin 0

So here are the solutions for of us that cannot bear the itching and scratching that these pesky creatures cause. I suggest natural solutions instead of using brandnames that contain DEET, because the verdict is still out on the long term effects on our children’s health and the environment.