How Toddlers Grow

After witnessing the amazing growth of your baby his first year, you enter a phase of slower growth combined with lots of energy.  This is the recipe for the terrible two’s where children have immense willpower, but have not reached the physical maturity to master everything they want to do.  Toddlers experience great frustration when they cannot execute their plans.

In addition to your one year old growing slower, you will notice that he eats less at mealtimes, but like to snack through out the day. Toddlers are very mobile and explore their environment through all five senses.

During the second year most toddlers will master the following milestones:

  • Walk independently without support.
  • Be able to walk backwards.
  • Climb step.
  • Start to feed themselves.
  • Drink from a cup when helped.
  • Build a tower with blocks.
  • Scribble with a pen.

As they become more confident in their own abilities they start to become even more daring, testing parents’ nerves to the limit.  From age 2 to 3  children should generally accomplish the following:

  • Walk confidently
  • Run
  • Climb stairs
  • Dig
  • Throw and kick a ball
  • Jump with two feet together
  • Take things apart and reassemble it
  • Screw and unscrew lids
  • Become aware of toilet habits.

Mastering one milestone enables your child to move on to the following learning experience.  It should be kept in mind that children are unique and achieve milestones in their own time, we cannot rush growing up.