Month 1: Milestones

If we look at what a baby should be able to master within her first month, we should remember that babies develop at different rates and that how quickly a baby reaches her milestones is not an indication of a more intelligent baby.  Babies who are born prematurely might reach the milestones later than their counterparts.

During the first month it is extremely important to give baby enough supervised playtime on her tummy.  This gives her ample opportunity to strengthen the different muscles that will help her to sit, crawl and walk.

Baby should be able to:

  • She should be able to lift her head briefly when put on her tummy on a flat surface.
  • She should be able to focus on your face.

Baby would probably be able to:

  • Respond to a bell by either being startled, crying or quieting.

Baby could possibly be able to:

  • Lift her head 45 degrees when on her tummy.
  • Vocalize by other means than crying (Eg. cooing)
  • Smile in response to your smile.

Baby might be able to:

  • Lift her head up 90 degrees.
  • Hold her head steady when held upright.
  • Bring both hands together.
  • Smile spontaneously.